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About Dr. Center:

To enjoy life to its fullest it is vital to feel and look our best. For this to happen our body and brain must function optimally. When we have symptoms such as being tired, trouble sleeping, feeling anxious or sad, becoming forgetful, and losing our youthful strength and stamina we may seek our medical attention.  This usually results in a drug prescription, or we may be told either: "you are  getting older—just deal with it,"  or "people sometimes feel this way—we don't know why,  but here is a pill so you feel better."  

My medical practice is devoted to accurately identifying the reasons for mental and physical symptoms and offering patients clinically validated treatment plans to help them feel their best and stay that way.  It is also devoted to treating the correctable causes of accelerated aging using bioidentical hormones, amino acids to naturally enhance neurotransmitter activity and enhance and preserve optimal brain function, and addressing risk reduction for premature death due to heart disease, dementia, diabetes and cancer.  

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